We know how frustrating technology can be in a world where it is changing daily. TechReady launched to take the pain out of tech and provide the best service in the industry. We promise to provide transparent, trustworthy and personalized service - the kind you won’t get from our competitors.

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We simplify technology

Between work, play, and home, your life can get a little cluttered. Though some are in the camp that gadgets cause us more stress than we need, tech can actually help simplify and streamline our lives, even — dare we say it — make it a little more fun.

The beginning

TechTwo was formed by Michael Ristevski and Angelo Krstevski. Both have a combined background in technology of 40 years which has provided them a depth of knowledge and insight into the emerging technology market. With both founders, there were numerous requests from friends and family on technology advice and general help, as they all felt they were overwhelmed by technology. After a few years of providing these services, they had the “light bulb” moment which has led them to form TechTwo with the intention of changing the way people buy and experience technology.

The Journey

That’s where we are here to help. We work with you to educate, setup and guide you through the process and support you making the informed decisions in a whole new way so that you can experience the benefits of technology.

The experience

It is not just about providing advice, its following through on the service and working with you to install and maximize the experience and educate you through the journey. At TechTwo we focus on delivering a great experience for our customers. We love working hard to build meaningful and impactful technology experiences to help people with all the technology in their homes and lives.

Are you ready

We spend our money on training awesome Tech's instead of building stores. So, you get an amazing experience instead of just a device that you can't make sense of. Let us make technology simple and help you today.

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“If you're renting, then there's a good chance that you can't swap out things like door locks, light switches and thermostats. That's OK, though, because there are still all sorts of ways to smarten up your living space.”

Ry Crist

"Despite the challenges that exist, the benefits offered by IoT are clearly evident. As the technology evolves and more devices are connected, the value it provides will grow rapidly."

Brad Drysdale

"Until recently, a smart home automation system could be quite complex to design, install and use. However, the new generation of devices and services have emphasised simplicity."

Paul Smith

"Driving home on a cold night and dreading the inevitable chill of your house? Turn on your home heater while you're still in the car using the app on your smart phone."

Dr Adam Bumpus

"Your House Will Have 29 Internet-Connected Devices In Four Years."

Rae Johnston